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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Being diffrent-its not a crime

So some people like to play dress-up,sometime things goes wrong and sometimes they look fabulous..

Some people like to play it safe,some like to take risk....

Some people just afraid to dress them real self until they gained the confident to do so...

Maybe some of you don't care going out with the same shirt all season,
or just like your to wrap yourself in blanket and go out

Kalau tak ada orang kisah kau keluar pakai kain langsir,kenapa kau nak kisah orang pakai differently from you kan?

Sila beli cermin panjang kat ikea tu.murah jer...

I admit i play it safe now since yes the body issues,but i still love people who dare to play with colours or style....

And my latest new born friend,pekakkan telinga dan do your fabulous walk,
cause in the end,
to feel good inside you have to look good outside...
some people just don't get that part...

in order to be irreplaceable one must be different-coco channel

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