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Sunday, December 26, 2010

anger management~~

Late,i've noticed,i pissed off a lot.....i mean,yes i've been impatient since 1989...still...lately...i am extra grumpy....i get livid by the smallest things..i am so unhappy with this environment.. i hate everything about this building,and i hate those people who wont let us move,i just bloody want to move away...if anyone dares,dares to say that i am not "besyukur"i swear i slap them in their face..i juz want to move out so i don't have to see the faces that i don't want to see and the mess that i have to cope ...for god sake i'm 21 not 12..tell you the truth i am not those kind of community type of people,yes i'm a loner,i dont like living with a lot of people..i dont like sharing kitchen and toilet with hundreds of people which sometimes i don't even like.... sorry,i am just not a people person....
i rather lives with hundreds cats than 10 people.....

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