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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm back !

Kesian kau blog....terpinggir lame ye.... So what make me decided to write again? Because i'm bored,yes.....but mostly i realize this blog contain my life story,kind like diary but u know easier to write. I think now days generation forget how to use pen or pencil,typing is much easier.

I watch how much i grow in this blog..not spiritually,but physically .Yes,i finally accept the fact that i am a plus size woman,no longer in denial.I shop at plus size store.... i admit i lost all my self confidence . I shut myself,i don't want to meet anyone.

I hate being like this,but my attempt to lose weight have been a failure again and again,i grew bigger and bigger... I am lost and disappointed with myself..

I miss Lumi so much....i cry sometime,my mom and me still can't get over her..BUt we have a new cat named chinta who i love dearly...but no one will ever replace Lumi...She watch me grow,be there for me whenever i need her...I hope she's happy now.. she suffer enough..I will never forget you my baby....

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