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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Red,Black and............

Well,after two weeks of stress and hard work,the dinner was finally done. to say that the hard work paid off is not an accurate sentence to describe the dinner... it is the first time anyway...i mean the decoration,the food,was ok and nice,but the event doesn't run smoothly...worst part was when the ambassador came the students were still here and there.... and i forgot to put dato's wife name in the speech.. and the audio system sucks...well what do u expect when 2 people work 4 116 people,we do get help here and there...but was such a chaos..well some people were really nice and considerate,they know we sacrifice our time,effort,plus it was an exam week,they appreciate and say thanks was so sweet of them...and some people just can't stop complaining... "laa...ini je ke?" came from sum1 mouth....INI JE KE? try to work your ass off n people said that to you? come and walk in my shoes darling,and let me say that to your face,and see how u feel?? you know karma is a bitch....wanna taste it?

Well it wasn't that horible...after all it is a annual dinner,it was quiet fun,but i don't have the time to enjoy coz i've been running here and with those heels....gosh,heels are not meant to be a permanent standing occasion shoes....but u know,after the ambassador left,i took off my heels,and i walk on the stage with my bare feet,i did wear socks though.... and with no shame,i put on my pink flip-flop and continued being host that night...awesome huh? and i manege to eat a lil bit...and when i went back i am still hungry,such a waste of was from ganges, my favorite restaurant...owh..I love dealing with Mr Rajesh... to go..i still have stuff to pack,in few hours,i'll be back to Malaysia....

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