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Friday, January 21, 2011

My day with bathtub is over

So,my mom went home,back to malaysia.....gosh,i miss her...we spent 24/day,now she's back,and i have to go back to my "lovely"6 hao lou....but..thank god...thank god....those Vietnamese gone.....wah!!!!! I can rest in peace!!!still above the ground,of course ....i don't have to worried about their annoying yelling voice and their pork oil jump to my face!!(it happened to my junior,almost happened to me)

So...i had the time of my life with mommy,she is super funny,like when we've went to the Great was bloody cold,we were there for 5 minutes and went home,and whe she saw the sign _THANK YOU FOR COMING,SEE YOU AGAIN-she automatically said"NO WAY". and she always forgot where her room is and she hated beijing;s food.....and she bought lots and lots of weird stuff,like a massager comb....and she love china ad,she will wake me up n stuff to ask me to call the number on the commercial,she wanted a WRINKLE VACUUM....she believe in china product..coz...its cheap..of course....

so.... tomorrow my plan begin....i will register for my make-up class and project 22 begin tomorrow....

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ogre_rina said...

yay! org vietnam blah.amin~